Skin Analysis and AI-based Custom Cosmetic Product Recommendations

We make makeup and skincare more accessible than ever.
Even when your customer's skintone is not covered by your palette.

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What do you actually need?

Our AI helper can give you all kinds of makeup and skincare products,
making your very own custom skincare routine and makeup selection full of products that you can actually use.

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We know what is good for you.

You might want that concealer that's 2 shades too light, but it's not what you need. We can help you with that.
Our one-of-a-kind algorithm makes foundations fit our customers like no other program does.

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Your personal Makeup Artist in your pocket

Our AI analyzes the customer's face and then gives you a list of cosmetic products that fit their demographic, skin tone, skin hue, skin conditions and so much more.

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Deep Learning

We have more than 20 self-made algorithms at our arsenal to analyse what products your customer's skin needs.

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